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Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Spring is here, which means it's the perfect time of the year to start working on your lawn! Get on top of your yard maintenance before the spring sun makes it grow out of control. One of the biggest problems Klahanie residents fight is the moss growing through the grass, and it can be difficult trying to cure a whole yard that moss has taken over. By getting the patches early with simple tricks and some elbow grease, you can avoid a whole lawn takeover.

What can I do about moss on my lawn? Treat the moss with an approved moss killer and rake it out by hand or with a power thatcher. If parts of your lawn are deeply shaded or have moist areas, you may find that grass is unable to grow. It is best to change the landscaping area by planting shade-tolerant shrubbery. Before making any drastic changes, remember that Architectural Controls Application is required for any exterior changes.

Lawn Care maintenance will be requested for the following:

  • Lawn contains weeds as seen from the curb

  • Lawn contains bare patches of dirt or dead areas as seen from the curb

  • Lawn contains moss as seen from the curb

  • Grass is longer than 3 inches

If you ever find yourself unsure of where to start, or what to do next, here is a helpful chart to help you on your lawn maintenance journey:



Remove moss and fertilize



Remove moss & fertilize

Aerate, spread seed & top dress with soil



Treat weeds, turn on irrigation, if needed

For even more useful tips, check out THIS ARTICLE!

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