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Vacation House Checks

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How it Works

If you are going out of town you may request a vacation house check. The Association has partnered with Kent Security Services and they will be conducting the checks.

Read the Following before submitting your form:

  • Klahanie Association personnel will, as a courtesy, perform cursory house checks of the perimeter of your home, while you are away for extended periods. Klahanie personnel will call the contact person listed on this form (at the number provided on this form) to report any circumstance observed as "Out of Order".

  • The Klahanie Association is not an emergency services provider.

  • The Klahanie Association is not responsible for packages or mail. Please make other arrangements while you are away.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your emergency service needs and special circumstances are met.

  • Pets are the responsibility of the owner. Association personnel will not check on pets. Pets deemed as aggressive by Klahanie personnel during the course of a house check will void any further house checks and a call will be made to the emergency contact on this form.

  • It is the homeowner's responsibility to adhere to the  to the Klahanie governing documents.

  • While the Association monitors the general condition of the recreational facilities and common areas, the condition and the security of each Owner's home and any other property located on his or her lot is the sole responsibility of the Owner. The Association does not have, and does not assume, any responsibility for any of the following, regardless of cause:

    •  Any loss,(including theft), damage, or destruction to any Owner's home of other property.

    • Any accident, event, or other occurrence on or in the Owner's home or property.

By filling out this form, you acknowledge the above information and agree to abide by any rules stated.

Vacation House Check Form

Thank you for submitting!

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