Homeowners Association Obligations and Compliance

The Klahanie Homeowners Association (KHOA) is a nonprofit organization that exists to make certain the covenants are kept and the common areas are well-maintained. Every homeowner is a member of the KHOA, this relationship is clearly spelled out in the papers you signed and received when you purchased your home. These documents create a legal contract between you and the KHOA.

All members have agreed to pay an annual assessment to cover the maintenance and upkeep of all the facilities and the staff to manage the KHOA activities. The current assessment is $800 a year and can be paid quarterly at $200.

If you live in a home you are only under the guidance of the KHOA, however, if you live in a condo development, you will have an additional fee paid to your condo HOA to cover maintenance of your building and grounds as well as the KHOA to cover all the common areas and amenities.

What are common areas and what belongs to the City of Sammamish?

The KHOA covers all 900 acres in Klahanie, except the streets, sidewalks and Klahanie Park that are owned by the City of Sammamish.


As a single-family home owner, you own your individual home and the lot it sits on and you are responsible to maintain both the home and yard in accordance with the guidelines set by the KHOA. Why is this done? The homes in a well maintained neighborhood will increase in value more quickly than a home in a neighborhood with poorly maintained homes and unkempt yards.

Compliance- Architectural Controls

The KHOA has a special section known as the Compliance Department that works with homeowners to help them understand the structure and responsibilities of living in cooperation with the established covenants that apply to all homes in Klahanie. Our Architectural Controls set out the rules for all exterior home improvement projects.

CCR Governing Documents Quick Links

Should you need further information, please contact KHOA staff. 

5 Steps to the Architectural Controls Process

Step 1

Obtain an application from our Klahanie website or pick up a physical copy at the KHOA office.

Step 2

Complete form - Include your contact Info and a description of the project.

  • Include a “before” picture, this will fulfill the requirements to the site plan

  • Include any dimensions, setbacks and relationship to adjacent houses

  • Include any brochures and materials that support your project

  • Include neighbor acknowledgement signatures (these are not approvals to your project, but gives notice of the intent of your project).

Step 3

Submit form to architecturalcontrols@klahanie.com or drop it by the main office (The review process takes 3 - 5 business days and you will be contacted by email)

Step 4

Once approved you will receive your approval confirmation via email and the approval letter and permit will be mailed or available for pick up upon request. Please be sure to display your permit in the window through the duration of your project.

Step 5

For project completion, cancelation or to request an extension, submit the Appendix B form. If you are submitting the form specifically for a completed project, please include a photo of the completed work.

Changes to Your Home or Yard

At some point you may want to make changes in your home paint a different color, repair the fence, add a deck or shed in the backyard, etc. Before you start the work PLEASE do yourself a favor and complete an Architectural Controls Application, or picked up a paper copy in the Association Office. This is the first step in gaining approval of the work you want to have done. The application will either be approved in the office by the Compliance Director, or referred to the ACC committee (consisting of a group of fellow homeowners) for approval or denial you can always attend the meeting. Once approved and your work is completed, submit a digital photo of the completed work with The Completion Form and the process is completed.

What happens when changes to your home are done without ACC approval?

Basically, you are on risky grounds. As an example, let's say that you love a brilliant blue color and decide to have your home painted this bright color. You may love it but your neighbors may not. As soon as it is discovered that the work was done without a permit, you will receive both a $200 fine and a Stop Work order. It gets worse when the Baby Blue is not an approved color. What is likely to happen is that you will be required to repaint your home using one of the many approved home colors. Now you have had to paint the home twice and double your painting budget, received a $200 fine when it would have been so easy and cheap to get approval before you started.

What happens if you receive a letter from the Compliance staff asking for your attention to something pertaining to your home or yard?

​Compliance Notices and Procedures


It is our goal to encourage compliance without the necessity of imposing fines or taking legal action.  

The compliance procedure is as follows:  

  1. A friendly door hanger reminder is assembled to remind a homeowner of a compliance issue. 

  2. A letter of non-compliance if not corrected within timeframe provided is sent via mail. Letters of non-compliance will be accompanied by a photo as proof of the violation, date, and request to residents to contact the association or send a completion photo showing compliance has been achieved. 

  3. If the violation is not corrected at this point, the homeowner will receive a letter of invite to attend a fine hearing.  Should a resident receive a fine hearing invite, they may be susceptible to a $100 fine, plus a $20 fee per day until compliance is met.  

  4. At the hearing, the Fines Committee will consider the scope of the non-compliance and give the resident an appropriate date of when compliance should be achieved.  

NOTE: There is one exception to this compliance process, in regard to trash containers the procedure under Policy Resolution #2019.11.1  states that all single-family homeowners are subject to an automatic fine when trash containers are visible from the street on non-collection days. 

These progressive steps are taken to encourage residents to maintain the attractiveness and standards of the community. All residents are required to follow the Rules and Regulations, Architectural Guidelines and CCRs found here obligations and compliance.  

Homeowner’s can report non-compliance concerns by contacting the KHOA team directly to compliance@klahanie.com or 425.392.4663