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Mastering Compliance: Your Guide to Spring Checks and Processes

As spring approaches, it's time to proactively address essential maintenance tasks to ensure compliance and avoid potential violations. Here's a checklist to keep your property in top shape and avoid the following issues:  


  • Lawn: grass should be lush and free from moss, weeds (including clover), and bare patches visible from the curb. Maintain grass height at three inches or less. Click here for Lawn Care Tips for Spring.

  • Flowerbed area: Keep flowerbeds free from weeds and remove any dead plants. 

  • Shrubbery:  Trim shrubs to prevent overgrowth that may impede pedestrian use of the sidewalk  

  • Trees: Ensure tree branches are adequately trimmed, maintaining a clearance of at least 10 feet above sidewalks and roads. Prevent low-hanging branches from encroaching on public spaces. 

  • Exterior paint: Address chipped and faded paint. If you decided to re-paint your home, be sure to submit an Architectural Controls Application. 


Understanding the Compliance Process: 


  1. Step 1: Letter of Non-Compliance  

Compliance checks are conducted, or residents can submit a "Report of Non-Compliance." When a property is out of compliance, a Letter of Non-compliance is mailed to the current mailing address. The letter contains a photo showing the non-compliance, the due date of when compliance should be achieved, and instructions on resolving the violation.  

  1. Step 2: Fine Hearing 

In the event that a violation persists following Step 1, a detailed Fine Hearing letter is issued. This communication outlines the schedule for the Fine Committee Meeting, held every 2nd Wednesday of the month via Zoom at 5:00 pm. Non-compliant homeowners can present their case during this meeting, engaging in a constructive dialogue with the Klahanie homeowner volunteers who form the committee. 

  1. Step 3: Legal action/Loss of Privileges  


If a violation persists beyond 30 days from the date of the imposed fine, the Board of Directors may initiate legal action.  

Fine Structure for Non-Compliance: 

Emphasizing our commitment to community standards, our fine structure expedites resolution and encourages compliance. 

The fine assessment is decided during Step 2: Fine hearing of the compliance process. All fines, except for trash container violations and rental property violations, maintain a consistent amount.  


Upon the Fine Committee's decision to impose fines, an initial $100.00 is imposed, followed by a daily charge of $20.00 until compliance is achieved. In cases of recurring violations, the initial fine becomes $200.00, followed by the daily charge of $20.00 per day.  


Adherence to Rules and Regulations requires a Rental Registration form to be submitted for rental properties. Failure to submit the form results in an initial $500.00 fine followed by $20.00 per day until compliance is achieved. Rental Properties with landscaping violations that result in a Fine Hearing may be required to submit a Landscaping contract. Failure to submit the contract will result in an initial fine of $500 per day, followed by $20 per day. Klahanie prohibits short-term rental properties, and any violation incurs a $200 fine, accruing from the date of the notice until full compliance is achieved.  


Concerning the trash container fine process, properties receive a one-time reminder through a letter of non-compliance. However, recurring violations lead to escalating fines, as detailed below:  

1st violation: $25 

2nd violation: $50 

3rd violation: $75 

4th violation and any additional violations: $100 

By staying vigilant and addressing maintenance tasks, you can enhance your property's aesthetic appeal while remaining compliant with Klahanie regulations. If you have any questions, please contact


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