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Meet the Board Candidates!

Updated: Jan 31

In the heart of Klahanie, where community thrives, and decisions shape the neighborhood's future, two remarkable individuals have stepped forward to vie for a seat on the Board of Directors. As the pulse of our community quickens, it's time to get to know the personalities behind the aspirations – the candidates eager to contribute their skills and visions to the betterment of Klahanie.

In this exclusive feature, we present a glimpse into the lives, experiences, and motivations of the two board candidates. Their diverse backgrounds and unique qualities promise to bring fresh perspectives to the table, ensuring that the Klahanie community continues to flourish under dedicated leadership.


Mark Cooper

Passionate about community and dedicated to positive change, I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Klahanie HOA Board of Directors.

My wife, Tina, and I vacationed in the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and were captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural surroundings. Making the move to Klahanie in 2013 from the St. Louis area, we've embraced the community wholeheartedly. Our numerous walks around Klahanie reflect our love for everything the neighborhood offers – the family-friendly environment, green spaces, Yellow Lake, the trail, and amenities. We actively contribute by helping neighbors and engaging in activities like cleaning sidewalks, raking leaves, and trimming trees.

With 20 years of experience as a retired US Navy veteran, I bring a wealth of leadership skills and a commitment to excellence. Over the past 19 years, I've served as a project management specialist with Boeing in the aerospace industry, refining my expertise in collaboration and problem-solving.

Actively involved in our community, I've been a valuable member of the 2018 Budget Committee and volunteered for the Compliance, Architectural, and Communications Committees. My dedication to these committees has contributed to essential projects that have positively impacted our neighborhood.

If elected, my focus will be on safeguarding our community's character, aesthetics, safety, and financial solvency. I envision a transparent and communicative board that keeps residents well-informed about projects and the value of their contributions. Together, we can maintain a safe and family-friendly environment for all to enjoy.


Meg Pearson

I have lived in Klahanie since July of 2000, when I moved back to the Pacific Northwest to be close to my aging father. I am grateful to have “landed” in Klahanie, a community where my son has grown up among neighbors and friends, where he attended the neighborhood schools, and where my family of three has enjoyed walking the trails and watching the waterfowl on the lake. (Cross-country skiing to QFC was fun, too, when snowstorms kept us off the roads!)  Klahanie is my home, and I am running for a board position because I would like the opportunity to give back to this community which has given me and my family so much. Having lived and worked in three countries and four states, I offer a broad range of skills and interests, including excellent

communication skills, practical knowledge of biological systems, genuine interest in people, and collaborative problem-solving abilities. I would love to put these skills to work in the community I have called home for these last 23 years.

As a Northwest native, I grew up enjoying and appreciating all the wonderful outdoor natural spaces this region offers and feel a keen sense of stewardship and responsibility to help ensure these natural places remain healthy for current and future generations. For example, I am the founding member of the “Natural Areas Association of Klahanie” and was the committee chair until I began teaching full-time. Our committee goals were to support healthy ecosystems within Klahanie by removing noxious/invasive plants, improve wildlife habitat by removing fishing line and trash from Yellow Lake and installing wood duck nesting boxes, restore and replant disturbed areas with native plants (such as the Native Plant Garden off of Klahanie Boulevard and across from Challenger Elementary School), raise community awareness by hosting neighborhood work parties, and by preparing environmental education materials. 

My experience includes 15 years with the Federal Government in natural resources management, followed by a second career as an elementary school teacher, primarily with the Bellevue School District. Currently, I am pursuing a yoga teacher through Bellevue College. While this keeps me quite busy (and limber!),  I also volunteer weekly at a nearby elementary school and serve as a neighborhood captain for a bi-monthly food collection program sponsored by the Issaquah and Sammamish Food Banks. My other interests include gardening, foraging for mushrooms (mostly just looking!), learning about our native bees, and teaching myself how to re-cane antique wicker chairs. If elected to the Board, I would work with the other Board members and homeowners to continue to promote programs and policy structures that support a safe, beautiful, and healthy community for all of us, particularly and especially for our children. Thank you for your consideration.




Here's how to submit your vote:  


  • OR… Fill out a paper ballot and/or proxy at the KHOA office or request a paper ballot be sent to your home address.  Make sure to bring your identification to verify your address and identity when you come in.

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