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Klahanie Award Winners Q1 2023

The Klahanie Awards are an opportunity to be recognized for the beauty and care that homeowners put into their homes! Each quarter, two winners will be selected and featured in the newsletter and blog.

The two awards are: Award 1: Best Curb Appeal (aka Compliance All-Star), determined by the attractiveness and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

Award 2: Best Exterior Project (aka the Golden Shovel), determined by a well-executed architectural project.

WINNER – Award 1: Best Curb Appeal -

We are thrilled to announce that the Lindsey Residence has been awarded the Compliance All-Star for the first quarter of 2023. This award is unique as it was voted by their very own neighbors, who were impressed with the exceptional care and maintenance of their property year-round. One feature that truly stands out is their healthy and attractive lawn. The photo of their moss and weed-free lawn shows that the homeowner performs regular maintenance as required. The grass is full and freshly mowed, as seen by the crisp lines on the surface.

In addition to its flawless lawn, the Lindsey Residence also stands out for its perfectly pruned shrubbery. The shrubbery along the window, trees, and sidewalk area is trimmed to a uniform height making sure the sidewalk is not obstructed for use. This shows the residents’ thoughtful consideration for their community and their desire to maintain a beautiful and welcoming environment for all.

We hope that this property inspires you to maintain your lawn, shrubbery, and general exterior maintenance. We encourage everyone to visit our Lawn Care Tips page to begin your journey to improving your curb appeal.

WINNER – Award 2: Best Exterior Project – Landscaping – Scott Powell's Traditions Investment Property

The Association chose to recognize this landscaping project for how well it has elevated his rental home's curb appeal! KHOA had an opportunity to catch up with Scott and ask him a few questions regarding this project.

Q: What made you decide to pursue a landscaping project?

One thing Covid taught us is the value of usable outdoor entertaining space. I've owned my primary home in Ashley Park since 1999 and purchased the home in Traditions in 2011 as an investment property. Klahanie is a great community with amenities you can't readily find elsewhere, which makes homeownership here a sound investment. Within the past few years, I had the opportunity to relandscape my primary home, so I was inspired to do something similar with my Traditions home. I felt it was due time to give it an update after so many years of ownership. The Traditions home is a smaller house on a smaller lot that had the untapped potential for a better indoor/outdoor entertaining area. The new design will accomplish this, and whether we sell or downsize the home eventually, this was a worthy investment.

Q: What kind of challenges did you face during construction?

Not necessarily during construction but prior to construction; I would say the biggest challenge for any project is finding a good contractor that you trust and who is available. In the case of Pacific Designscape, I knew what to expect as they had redesigned the landscaping at my primary home in Ashley Park in 2018. Ryan and crew are very good at what they do, so it was worth the scheduling wait of 12 months and the cost of this project for a contractor I trust.

Q: What value has the landscaping project provided to your family?

I'm hoping I brought financial value to the property. As many of the homes in Klahanie range in value from $1-2 million dollars now, my other hope is that my home improvements serve as an inspiration for others to invest in their own curb appeal!

Congratulations to our two winners for Q1 2023! We are looking forward to recognizing our next quarter's winners!

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