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Ensuring a Beautiful Klahanie: Criteria for Non-Compliance

Keeping our community looking its best benefits everyone. A well-maintained neighborhood enhances property values, fosters community pride, and creates a welcoming environment for all. Here’s a simple guide to our exterior home and lawn maintenance criteria to make it easier.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Painting of the exterior of the house will be requested if the following are visible: 

  • Chipped or flaking paint is seen from the curb. 

  • Faded paint is seen from the curb. 

  • Bare wood is seen from the curb. 

  • Chimneys that are discolored on the body of the chimney. Please note: the top portion above the chimney discolors quickly with use and is not to be confused with the body of the chimney. 

  • Mold on the exterior of the house is seen from the curb (power washing is an alternative to remove the mold). 

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn upgrades will be requested if the: 

  • Lawn contains weeds seen from the curb (including clover). 

  • Lawn contains bare patches of dirt or dead areas seen from the curb. 

  • Lawn contains moss seen from the curb. 

  • The lawn must have a trimmed edge on all sides. 

  • Grass is longer than 3 inches. 

If lawn affinity is something you'd prefer to move away from, check out our article on Xeriscaping!

Flowerbed Maintenance

Flowerbed upgrades will be requested if the: 

  • Flowerbeds contain grass and/or weeds that are visible above/or around the other vegetation. 

  • Flowerbeds and/or flowerpots contain dead plants. 

  • The flowerbeds must have a defined edge between themselves and the lawn or other areas touching them. 

Bushes and Shrub Maintenance

Bushes and shrub upgrades will be requested if the: 

  • Bushes, shrubs, and/or plants are dead (removal will be required). 

  • Bushes and/or shrubs protrude onto the sidewalk (must be cut back flush with the sidewalk). 

  • Bushes and/or shrubs that are not trimmed and controlled and have overgrown into the sidewalk and/or road (trimming will be required). 

Why Compliance Matters

We understand that these tasks may seem like a lot, but regular maintenance prevents larger, more costly problems down the road. Plus, it ensures our neighborhood remains pleasant to live and visit. Think of it as a small effort for a big payoff in community pride and property values.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you’re unsure about any of the guidelines or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our compliance specialist at or call us at 425-392-4663. We’re here to help and support you in maintaining your beautiful home.

Together, we can keep Klahanie a place we’re all proud to call home. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to our community!

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