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Klahanie Pea Patch Updates

Klahanie Pea Patch Blog – October 2021

Hi Klahanie Residents!

Although we are nearing the end of our gardening season, there is still a lot to enjoy as you are walking or jogging past the Pea Patch. There are still some beautiful dahlias, sunflowers, and zinnias to feast your eyes! In addition, although this vegetable season is coming to an end, there is still some lovely foliage to enjoy! This season’s gardeners have done a fantastic job at growing a multitude of vegetables and flowers with most of the 27 plots being cultivated and harvested. Gardeners will begin to clear out their plots soon. So don’t wait too long to come see what has been happening at the Pea Patch!

The Patch will be closing for the winter on October 31st and open again on April 1st. Each year current gardeners are given an opportunity on a first-come, first-serve basis to re-apply to rent their current plot(s) or request another specific plot(s). Once current gardeners have had an opportunity, any remaining plots available are then open to all Klahanie residents in good standing to apply on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a small fee of $50 for the season. Timeline for applying has been updated to the following:

Application Timeline:

Current Gardeners - February 1 to February 28.

All Klahanie Residents - March 1 to March 31.

Further information can be found at

Happy Gardening!

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