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Klahanie Award Winners Q4 2022

Klahanie Awards is an opportunity to be recognized for the beauty and care that homeowners provide to their homes! Each quarter, two winners will be selected and featured in the newsletter.

The two awards are:

Award 1: Best Curb Appeal (aka Compliance All Star), determined by the attractiveness and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

Award 2: Best Exterior Project, determined by a well-executed architectural project.

WINNER – Award 1: Best Curb Appeal -

The best Curb Appeal for Quarter four goes to the Trindev Residence! As seen in the pictures, their lawn is well maintained by doing frequent maintenance of removing moss, weeds and mowing. Some tips on how their lawn is very healthy and vibrant is using Cedar Grove topsoil which is a mix of compost and sand. A light layer of topsoil on the grass helps improve the drainage and discourage moss growth which can be challenging to remove. If your grass has too much moss, the first step to do is to first de-thatch then add an inch of the topsoil and spread grass seeds. The best time to do this is late March early April.

The Association also recognizes the beautification of the flowerbed and shrubbery area. When the flowers bloom, they provide an excellent contrast creating a welcoming feeling to the property. Some tips to starting a new flower bed is mixing compost or topsoil with the existing soil before planting. For established gardens, it can be placed as a mulch around plants or lightly worked into the soil while being careful not to damage the roots. A good tip the homeowner shared is in October, they pile the leaves and run them with the lawn mower twice to break them into small pieces to spread them as mulch around shrubs and in flowerbeds.

WINNER – Award 2: Best Exterior Project – Landscaping – Patricia & Michael's Madison Place Residence

The Association chose to recognize this landscaping project as it has revitalized Patricia and Michael's front and back yards from standard landscaping to something that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The scope of work included redesign of front yard, hardscape patio & walkways from side & back yards, and relocate & add new plantings.

Patricia & Michael started with a simple idea that they wanted to replace new sod for their front lawn. After contacting Brandon from Grotes Garden Design, he was able to come out for a site visit and provide recommendations to their project. After their talk, Patricia & Michael were quite impressed with the additional services the landscaper was able to provide so the inspiration kept coming while the scope of work kept growing. It became apparent that with a landscape redesign that it would be less maintenance for the homeowner to conduct annually where the homeowners are of age that requires as little maintenance as possible. Having started construction at the end of September last year, the project completed within only 2.5 weeks for front, side, and back yard relandscaping! The landscaper was able to move quickly by being on top of all communications with his team and client's Patricia & Michael, materials delivered in a timely manner, and follow the scope of work to its' entirety. The biggest challenge the homeowners had to encounter was the disruption of demolition, building materials piling up, and not being able to use the back porch for the short few weeks. After the relandscape is said and done, it has provided our Madison Place residents with a newly improved beautiful, livable, usable yards that it feels like an expansion from the living room into the back garden. 10 out of 10 satisfaction!

Congratulations to our two winners for Q4 2022! We are looking forward to recognize our next quarter's winners!

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