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Klahanie Pea Patch Club

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hi Fellow Klahanie Homeowners!

Did you know that Klahanie has a community Pea Patch? Yes! We have a Community Pea Patch which is open to all homeowners in good standing in Klahanie!

Our official name is Klahanie Pea Patch Club (KPPC) and is under the direction of the Klahanie Community Director, is in coordination with the Native Growth Protected Areas (NGPA) guidelines and is run by volunteers who live in Klahanie. It is located down the gravel road behind Sundance.

KPPC was established about 20 years ago for Klahanie homeowners who wish to rent an organic garden plot for the purpose of growing seasonal vegetables and annual flowers for family use.

If you happened to take a walk past the Pea Patch in the last few months, you might have seen how everyone’s plots have blossomed into beautiful foliage and crops for harvesting!

There are 27 plots which are approximately 10 X 20 in size and are available annually. Applications are available from the KPPC Secretary beginning March 1st of each year. The gardening season runs from April 1st to October 31st.

If you enjoy growing things but lack the space for a garden on your own property, Pea Patch gardening might be the answer for you! Pea Patch gardening is a great way to enjoy the company of other gardeners who like to work the soil, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and share successful gardening practices. From time to time a gardening expert is invited to speak to the group about success strategies for community gardens!

For more information, contact KHOA at

If you have not had a chance to see the Klahanie Pea Patch, take a walk down the path behind Sundance and see everyone’s beautiful gardening!

Happy Gardening!

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