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Natural Areas Association of Klahanie (NAAK)

What's happening now:

  • EarthCorps 2018 projects started March 20-22, 2018 at Queens Bog that borders the Klahanie property. Williams Gas Pipeline will be clearing this area soon for gas pipe line maintenance. NAAK was allowed to salvage the native vegetation, which was then planted into Klahanie's natural areas. If you are curious about what EarthCorps will be doing around your neighborhood or favorite hiking trails this spring, summer, and fall, check out NAAK's 2018 Project List link below. 

  • Wood Ducks are currently checking out boxes at Gander Pond for spring nesting. If you are or know of an experienced carpenter type who would be willing to volunteer their time and skills, we're pretty sure Klahanie ducks, bats, and birds would appreciate some additional boxes, or a few rebuilt ones for next season.

If you are interested in joining the club and/or willing to pitch in for a few hours this season, please contact the Klahanie HOA office to let them know of your interest and availability. They will have a NAAK member get in touch with you. 

NAAK is a volunteer group of Klahanie residents committed to keeping Klahanie's natural areas healthy while providing a diverse habitat that protects and preserves wildlife.

These natural areas are a major portion of Klahanie's 300 acres of open space. The vast majority of these areas are designated "Native Growth Protection Areas" (NPGAs), which means no native growth can be removed or disturbed, and no structures can be built.

NAAK works closely with the Klahanie Community Manager, recommending projects and activities to support:

    • Controlling invasive non-native plant species in all Klahanie natural areas.
    • Restoring habitats.
    • Overseeing the health of Yellow Lake and its aquatic life.
    • Educating our community about native and non-native plants and wildlife that frequent the Klahanie area.

NAAK also provides overall direction to contracted services, like EarthCorps, to assist in the restoration and maintenance of our natural spaces. In addition, NAAK hosts and conducts periodic Klahanie volunteer work parties to remove non-native plants and restore habitats from April through October. We invite you to join us in maintaining our healthy Klahanie forests and wetland areas.


If you would like more information about our activities, follow the links at the bottom of this screen. If you want an already-printed bird checklist, a Klahanie Trails and Recreation Map, or any of the Klahanie brochures below, stop by the HOA office.


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 NAAK's 2018 Project Plan
 NAAK's History and Accomplishments
 Klahanie Trails Map
 Klahanie Bird Checklist
 Yellow Arch Angel
 Klahanie Yellow Lake Nature Brochures
 Klahanie Yellow Lake Plant and Tree Brochures
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