Join a Committee

Klahanie is about community, and
volunteering your time for a Klahanie Committee means giving back to your
community!  It is valued and appreciated.  Thank you for
applying!  Positions may be available by appointment of the Board of
Directors to the:

Currently there are no open board positions.

Standing Committees

- Architectural Control Committee
- Fine Committee- OPEN
- Nominating Committee- CLOSED
- Neighborhood Watch/Emergency Preparedness Committee- OPEN

Ad- Hoc Committees

- Building Improvements and Special
Projects Committee- OPEN
- Budget Committee- OPEN
- Governing Documents Revision- CLOSED

Other Committees

-Community Relations
-Social Committee- OPEN
-Communications Committee- OPEN

Board appointments are based on several factors.  First, all candidates
must be members in good standing with the Association.  Next, there must
be a position available on the committee that the candidate is interested
in.  Additional consideration is given to ensure that each committee
has A) equal representation from divisions within Klahanie, B) representation
from a variety of occupations, and C) volunteers who are dedicated to serve
Klahanie as volunteers.  Committees meet as
needed unless otherwise directed by the Governing Documents. 
Committee positions are all volunteer with no compensation for services

General questions regarding a committee appointment can be directed to the
Association office by phone at 425-392-4663 or email at

**Those homeowners interested in seeking appointment to one of the Klahanie
committees should complete the information below and submit it to the
Association office.

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Property Address:*
E-mail Address:
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Which Committee?:*
Other Committee:
Years living in Klahanie:
Community Involvement:
Past Klahanie Involvement:
What assets will you bring to the committee?:
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