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Klahanie Association eMail Bulletin




We continue to receive reports of bear
sightings around Yellow Lake and on other trails in Klahanie.

These bears are hungry coming out of
hibernation and want to be left alone to forage.

Do yourself and the bears a favor and keep
well away from them. They can easily be frightened by approaching people,
joggers, and  off-leash dogs. Their way of escape may be directly
towards you.

If you are close enough to get a great photo/
selfie, you are way too close!

Best advice is for you and your children, is
to stay off the trails, if at all possible, for the next month. AND,
anytime you are on the trails with your pets, they must be on a
leash! It’s the law and also for the safety of your animals. 

Just a reminder they are still here and active!! Please stay aware and safe
if you must be out on the trails within Klahanie, especially Yellow Lake
trail, as that is where sightings seem to be the most frequent! Thank you

-Klahanie HOA

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