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Fireworks are illegal in Sammamish!



Fire Works are now Very illegal and expensive

Dear Klahanie Residents,

Though fireworks have been regulated in Sammamish since 2000, last
year’s changes to the regulations impact who can be held responsible for
illegal possession and discharge of fireworks.  Under the new regulations,
the penalty will remain $1000 for the first violation, but it will increase to
$5000 for the second, and $10,000 for a third.

These new regulations mean that you could be held responsible for fireworks
that are discharged on your property, even if you’re not on your property at
the time of discharge. Additionally, if a situation arises where police
officers are not able to enter your property to determine the person(s)
discharging the fireworks, they can issue a civil infraction to the property
owner. We encourage you to inform your family members, guests, and renters of
these new regulations.

To report fireworks in your neighborhood please use the non-emergency Police
dispatch number 206-296-3311.

-Klahanie HOA


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