Bear Alert



Multiple sightings of protective female bear with two cubs
around Yellow Lake and on other trails in Klahanie.

These bears are hungry coming out of hibernation and want to
be left alone to forage.

Do yourself and the bears a favor and keep well away from
them. They can easily be frightened by approaching people and especially
off-leash dogs. Their way of escape may be in directly towards you.

If you are close enough to get a great photo/ selfie, you
are way too close!

Best advice is to stay off the trails after dark for the
next month.  AND, anytime you are on the
trails with your pets, they must be on a leash! 
It’s the law and also for the safety of your animals. 

Remember, if the bears get used to being around people,
especially people who leave food out for them, they stand a good chance of
being shot and killed by the Wildlife service. This happened last week in
Oregon to a young bear.

-Klahanie HOA


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