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Update-Issaquah Fall City Road construction


Sammamish Project on
Issaquah-Fall City Road

Work is scheduled to
begin this summer

just came from the City of Sammamish that they have all the required permits to
begin the first phase of the large road project on the Issaquah-Fall City Road
(IFCR). Their current construction estimate is that the scope of work will take
two years.

first portion is the closure of the heavily traveled IFCR so that construction
can start on the new bridge they are constructing between 247th and
Klahanie Drive. While all projections in a complicated project like this are
optimistic before it begins, past history with road projects says we should
expect it will take longer than the current timetable of eight months.

they construct the bridge, Klahanie Drive will remain open for traffic coming
from the east and north to use Klahanie Drive as a main access route to
Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue and beyond. For all those heading home in the
afternoon, they will also have to traverse through Klahanie since the IFCR will
be closed to eastbound traffic at 247th by the Pacific Cascade Middle

the planners at the city studied traffic volumes several years ago, they
estimated 1,800 cars used the road each day. This figure may be low based on
the growth over the past few years. The Police tell us that a mile long line of
stopped cars will contain 200 vehicles. Klahanie Blvd. and Drive are just a
little over three miles in length. It is not unreasonable to expect a
significant three mile traffic jam twice daily, even before our residents are
added to the roads.

What is the HOA

have asked the City to adjust the signal light timing at Klahanie Blvd and
Issaquah-Pine Lake road to allow more cars in each cycle to exit in the morning
hours and enter in the afternoon. We are also asking for temporary traffic
lights or four-way stop signs where neighborhoods intersect with Klahanie
Drive/ Blvd. We are discussing plans to use our Klahanie Neighborhood Patrol
officers to help manage the traffic flow.

have requested a new crosswalk at 242nd to help students safely cross
the road to get to and from the school bus.

entire project will require a good deal of patience from all of us and perhaps
some adjusted work schedules.

note that the businesses in the Klahanie Center will be heavily impacted, so
please make the extra effort to use their services to help keep them all in

-Klahanie HOA


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