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Klahanie Park-New Survey


Dear Klahanie Families:

The City of Sammamish has just posted a second survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KMPSurvey.
This is important to complete for everyone who is concerned about future
changes to Klahanie Park. It deals with the three options A, B & C that
they have offered as a result of the initial survey done in March.

Before you complete the survey, I think it is important
that we first agree to several things we know we want to preserve or prevent in
the park for the benefit of our community.

After four meetings with the Parks Department and the
consultants hired to create these plans, and having listened to Klahanie
resident’s comments, I have assembled a short list of what appear to be common
agreements expressed about the park development. They are:

1. Keep as much open space for community use that is
un-structured (not designed for team use).

2. No synthetic turf anywhere in the park.

Once installed, it kills the organic things living in the
soil beneath the turf, never to grow again, and it will have to be replaced
over and over again for decades.

The linkage between the installation of synthetic turf then
leading to more intensive use of the fields is clear. Soon, the additional
teams will want to extend their hours of use into the evening, which then leads
to elevated field lights. The final step in the series is the eventual use of
fences to protect the fields.

3. No Field Lights for nighttime park use.

4. Keep access to the wetlands and the Queen’s Bog to a
bare minimum.

In choices B & C it shows expanded access including
boardwalks into the sensitive areas.

If these are conditions that you can support, I encourage
you to make these points as you complete the survey. The more we all speak with
common concerns the harder these concerns are to ignore moving forward into the
political process.

Thank you,


Association Director


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