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Storm Damage update-Lakeside Pool


is an update on the damage to the Lakeside Pool Bubble as a result of the windstorm last weekend.

were not able to get staff back to Klahanie in time on Saturday night to get
the pool bubble lowered. The winds ripped off the revolving door, snapped the
cables securing the bubble to the deck and ripped about 45 feet of the fabric
along the bottom.

spent Monday and Tuesday searching for a new door and the fabric to fix the
damaged areas. In the process, we learned that patching the old bubble was a
risky venture. The adhesive has to be applied when the fabric is bone-dry or it
can quickly weaken and let go. In several areas, we would have to put new
patches over existing ones resulting is a weaker bond. The staff recommended
and the Board concurred that patching the bubble under these conditions had a
higher risk of failure and we did not want to risk that happening while people
were using the pool. Wednesday, the decision was made to remove the bubble and
get the pool prepared for swimming and classes. The pool will continue to be
heated and all planned events can be accommodated, but the sprint from the pool
house to the water will be a chilly one. If you would be willing to help remove
the bubble, we will be meeting at the pool at 10:00am Saturday.






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