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Storm Debris Damage update


Klahanie Residents:

is a quick update on what has transpired in the past several days since the
windstorm hit this past weekend.

Trails and Trees

of the trails have all been checked and cleared of fallen trees and large pieces
of debris, with the exception of two huge trees on the Yellow Lake Trail, and
two on the Perimeter trail.  Those four trees are too big for our
Maintenance guys or the team from Brightview Landscaping to manage. There is a
massive tree that is lying across the trail by the Boy Scout Restoration Zone
on the far side of Yellow Lake. We have contacted our Arborist to see how
quickly they can get this large tree removed.

tree you see marked with orange fluorescent tape and/or orange construction
cones are ones that we’re working to remove. Those that we could not
remove, have been limbed up, and some sort of alternate access around them has
been made until it can be removed.  Brightview began working on Sunday
morning cleaning up all debris along the Blvd. and our Maintenance staff will continue
cleaning the trails this week.

Fallen trees

who have had trees fall down onto their property are responsible to take care
of the removal, and you will have to coordinate with your own insurance carrier. 
Even though the green belt areas are Klahanie’s property, wind storms like
these are referred to as “Acts of God” and Klahanie isn’t held responsible for any
tree that comes down during storms.  If there are trees that look
dangerous to you, email me with your name, address, and pictures of the tree.
We will come out and inspect them, and get in touch with the Arborist to get
the official ‘hazardous tree’ label placed on it.  Only then can we can
begin the process to get the permits and the crew scheduled to come out.  With
the stricter rules that the City of Sammamish has, we have to get permits on
all trees removed, regardless of them being deemed dangerous or not. So this
will require a report from the Arborist, and the timeline for that is going to
be a week or two.

will continue to keep you updated on the clean-up process.






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