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dues payment

even good intentions are not enough!!

If you are going to mistake, you may as well make it a
good one. After reading your most recent/upcoming Assessment billing, you might be happy
that our mistake means that you owe a good deal less than what shows on the current

When we created the assessment it appears that on some of
the invoices we charged you for the normal 01/01/19
$150 quarterly assessment
. Then it appears that the computer got greedy and
re-coded the assessment a second time as Q1
. If this happened to you, please only pay the normal $150 and not the
$300 that may be showing on as your new balance.

If you have any questions, please call me at 425.392.4663

I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your understanding!


Kim Prentice

Assistant Community Manager

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dues payment

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