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The Deeper Definition of Community


Deeper Definition of Community

was many years ago that I first heard that the definition of Community was “people
coming together in unity.” This definition made sense to me then and continues
to help me define the real meaning of a community. Klahanie is just such a

about it—on a forested plateau in America’s northwest corner, we have created
and benefited from one of the nation’s most diverse communities. From what had
been a very Lilly-white region, we now have people from around the world
electing to live in close proximity to each other. Children from Beijing,
Mumbai and Iowa play on the same teams, swim in the pools together and learn
from one another.  

we have is an enhanced sense of connection, civility and acceptance. And yet,
as we have seen with our national politics, this web of connection is fragile.
It must be cared for and broken strands rebuilt daily. Each of us need to pause
periodically and personally recommit to protecting our community values. This
is the magic-sauce that makes living in Klahanie so special for all of us.

weeks ago we did learn of a sad disruption in the normal civility. A woman
walking two dogs near the baseball fields yelled at an elderly man practicing
his Tai Chi telling him to go back to where he belongs and threatening him with
her dogs. We don’t know who the woman is but this type of intolerance should
not be ignored nor tolerated.

the best way to counter this divisive action is for each of us to do more to produce
positive energy. Our Jewish neighbors have a tradition of Mitzvah- an
individual action of human kindness. A mitzvah is a little thing you can do to
be kind to someone without expecting anything in return. Say “Hello” and smile
as you past people on your walk; let someone merge in traffic, or stop and give
directions when someone appears to need some assistance. My encouragement to
you is to set a goal to do two mitzvah’s a day. I guarantee you will feel
better and your community will continue to exhibit our civility and be a
wonderful example for others to emulate.




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