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Wholesale front yard care and maintenance program



Wholesale Front Yard Care and Maintenance

a Month

Take the
time, energy and hassle out of maintaining your front yard and do away with any
concerns about maintenance violation notices and fines from now on.

Association has contracted with a professional landscaping company to provide
you with year around front yard landscaping and lawn care at a significant
savings. This program is designed to make your yard look great, and free up
your weekends for fun and relaxation.

You Receive

Starting in
October, you will receive an intensive up-front make-over to give your front
yard extra attention while they mow, edge the lawn, weed the planting areas and
prune your shrubs. Then they will be back twice monthly to continue these
services and add:

  • Fertilizing
    the lawns several times, while adding moss-control and weed killer

  • Continue
    to prune different shrubs and bushes at the proper time of the season for
    maximum health and beauty

  • Collect
    and remove wet, soggy leaves in the fall


By working
with a single licensed and experienced local company, we have negotiated an
extremely competitive rate for 26 annual visits to your home. This professional
service contract is $80 per month for 12 months.


Back Yards too??

Back yards
can be added to this program. During the first visit, they will visually inspect
your back yard and provide a quote to add the same services to both front and
back yards.


Making it Easy for You

To make
joining this program simple for you. The Association will add the monthly cost
of the program to your quarterly assessment statement. The program will launch
October 1st. The benefit of signing up now is to catch the fall lawn
growth, have the winter preparation work done, the leaves removed and your yard
prepared for the winter.

Sign up
now by sending an email to
yards@klahanie.com and include your name, address, and phone, and if you
want just the front yard service or possibly both yards. We will provide you
with a confirmation of your enrollment and give you a time when your service
will begin.
By enrolling in this program you are releasing and holding
Klahanie harmless from any claim arising from the service provided to you and your
property under this program.







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