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Feedback wanted-Decisions on Klahanie Pools


to be made on Klahanie Pools

Klahanie is one of the few HOA’s in the greater Seattle
area to have two swimming pools for free use by the residents. The Lakeside
pool has for many years been winterized using an inflatable “Bubble” to keep
the air and water temperatures warm enough to swim throughout the colder months.
Unfortunately, using the existing bubble has many challenges including manually
lowering the bubble before windstorms, reduced air quality inside, installation
and fabric repairs.

Now that Klahanie is part of the City of Sammamish, we
have been told that the current bubble does not meet their safety standards and
cannot be used past this coming winter season. This puts the Association Board
in the position of having to make a tough decision. Do we replace the existing
bubble with a new one that will meet the higher standards of Sammamish? Or do
we source a more permanent cover solution.

The Board would like to receive your opinions after you
read this article.

This is the least expensive initial option and the one with the shortest useful
life. The new bubble would cost approximately $45,000 and have two emergency
crash doors to get swimmers out if the bubble deflates. Also factor in another
$10-15,000 to upgrade the electrical service to power the blowers to keep the
bubble taut in windstorms. Normally a bubble needs to be replaced every five


Sliding Enclosure
- This is the next step up in durability as the
enclosure is built to last 10-15 years. The sections meet in the middle and
when opened, slide back towards each pool end and nestle into each other. The
cost of this (50’ by 115’) system is $470-$520,000.The narrower size would not
cover the wading pool. The enclosure would remain up in any weather conditions
normally experienced in this area. The enclosure is made using a clear polycarbonate
material that allows sunlight through even during the winter.

Retractable Enclosures
-This is the longest lasting enclosure
system, with an expected useful life of 25+years. It retracts from the middle
into the end pieces that are stationary at both ends of the pool. Large, quiet
motors open and close the (70’ by 90’) structure. This enclosure also uses
polycarbonate and is wider than the manual system and would cover the wading
pool. The price is $630 to $700,000.

Over the next 25 years, we can expect to purchase five
bubbles, two of the manual sliding enclosures and one of the Free Standing

Please now let the Board hear your opinion of which of
three options make the most sense to you. Send
your email comments during the next two weeks, to  responses@klahanie.com.

-Fred Nystrom

Association Director

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