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Klahanie Improvements and Assessments Survey Report


Klahanie Improvements
and Assessments Survey

Summary Report


this spring, the Klahanie Special Projects Committee sent out a survey seeking
homeowner’s thoughts on future improvements. Close to 350 families completed
the survey and this is the summary report.


were intrigued to learn that 38% of the families have lived in Klahanie for
more than 15 years and 46% plan to stay for another 10 to 15 years.


it came to the willingness to support low, medium or high cost improvements the
results were clear. The low cost projects with costs of $250,000 or less coupled
with a one-time assessment of $50- $100 received 63% positive support.  The support for Medium cost projects with
costs between $250,000 and $750,000 with a $175 to $200 assessment dropped to
49%. The high cost project with costs over $750,000 coupled with a $500-$600
assessment dropped even more to 41%.


top two low cost projects were Safety lighting and picnic tables and benches in
the parks. The top ranked medium projects were Parks and playset upgrades,
Gazebo/picnic shelters in the parks and covered areas at the pools. The high
cost project ranked first was the creation of a Community Center with space for
homeowner rental for parties and events.


final survey question deals with how any special assessment would be paid. 53%
of the respondents said they would prefer a one-time payment, while 47% prefer
payments over a period of time.


Lessons learned

surveys should be shorter in the number of questions asked and have fewer open ended
questions, such as “what other projects would you like to see?” The open ended
questions are too difficult to quantify. 
Lastly, when asking about assessments, we need to include the ability to
vote for “No assessment”.


survey is being studied by the Board and is the first step in guiding their
choices in the future.


you to all who responded and we hope to hear from even more of you in the

-Klahanie HOA

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