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Klahanie Association eMail Bulletin

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Klahanie Lap Swim Rules

1. No lifeguards are on duty during lap swim times. A “swim at
your own risk” policy is in effect during lap swim times. No one may swim at
this time unless they (or in the case of a minor 12 or older, his/her
parent/guardian) have obtained express approval from the Association by
providing a signed release.

2. Lap swimmers must be adults aged 18 years and older, or minors 12
and older with adult supervision.

3. If there are two swimmers per lane, it is permissible for swimmers
to swim on opposite sides of the lane; otherwise, swimmers are encouraged to
'circle swim' and swim counterclockwise.

4. No swimming across lap lanes unless entering or exiting the pool
from the side.

5. Lap lanes are for lap swimming or aquatic exercise only (unless
otherwise designated).

6. Hanging on the
lane dividers is prohibited.

In order to participate in lap swim, a Release of Claims,
Assumption of Risk and Indemnification Agreement form
is required and must
be on file with the KHOA office. This form is located at the KHOA office, at the
Lakeside pool and online at www.klahanie.com>
Living in Klahanie>Pool Info>Lap swim rules. Once the completed form is
received, the KHOA office will then issue you the pool door code. The pool door
code is only to be used by the Klahanie resident during lap swim times. The
current pool door code will no longer be valid as of May 14th, 2018
and the new code will only be issued if the form has been completed and received by the KHOA office.

If you have any questions, please contact the HOA office at

Thank you!

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