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Klahanie Association eMail Bulletin

Message from the Manager
Klahanie Association Meet the Candidates Night

13, 2018 at 7 pm at the Klahanie HOA Office

year in March, Klahanie elects new members of the Board of Directors. Directors
serve a 3 year term on the Board and represent your interests in the

meet the candidates on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 7 pm. The meeting will be
held at the Klahanie HOA Office. Snacks will be provided!

are the candidates in their own words:


A Klahanie home owner
for the past twenty-seven years, I have had the honor of serving on the board
of directors since August of 2016. I have a background in health care having
been a registered pharmacist for the past thirty five years and currently
practice in Washington. For the past eight years I have worked on the
Architectural control committee, both as a member and as former chairperson
prior to serving on the board of Directors. I have extensive experience in
legislative affairs and regulatory development having served as executive
director of the Washington state Pharmacy Commission. I currently serve of the
ACC, Communications, and Social committees. I feel I can bring my skill sets
and pragmatic problem solving skills to positively serve the members of the
Klahanie community I have been a part of for three decades. I look forward to
your support.

Damon Lilly

I have been a board member for approximately 6 months and
would like to continue to serve the community. I have over 30 years of
leadership, management, facilities, construction and engineering experience. I
manage large construction and civil works programs, delivering facilities,
water resources management and engineering solutions throughout the Pacific
North West. I have provided facilities management and infrastructure support
both in the states and overseas for large diverse military installations. In my
professional life, I am the Deputy District Engineer, Project Management and
Chief, Planning, Programs & Project Management Division, Seattle District,
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In this capacity as the senior civilian in
Seattle District, I am responsible for the full range of management decisions
related to major Civil, Military, Environmental, and lnteragency &
International Support programs. In recent years, the programs have ranged
between $500 million and $800 million. I lead technical functions including
planning, engineering, construction, real estate, contracting and resource management.
I assure establishment of corporate goals on project scopes, schedules, and
budgets and manage program execution for the District. I am also a retired Navy
Civil Engineer Corps Officer with significant leadership experience in multiple
locations and operating environments. All of these experiences provide a unique
depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and abilities that will ensure I can
effectively and successfully serve the community and the Board.


name is Jack Dompier. I’m 71 years of age and retired. I served 4 years in the
U.S Navy, 2 1/2 years of which was in Vietnam. I’m married and have 2 children.
My wife and I have lived in Klahanie for 25 years. We currently live in
Lancaster Park. The majority of my working career was in heavy construction, of
which approximately 30 years of that was as a construction manager, 5 years as
an inspector and 16 years as a foreman. I owned my own Construction Management
Company for 6 years. My company did the construction management for Port Blakey
who developed the Issaquah Highlands. We managed contractors in the removal of
the timber, clearing, grading and all the infrastructure work preparing the
land for building lots. My work in construction brought me in contact with many
various people. I met with Company CEO’s, City Managers, council members, home
owners associations and homeowners. I dealt with these people during the
construction of water, sewer, storm drainage, roads, sidewalks and power. My
most enjoyment was meeting with the homeowners. My line of work was usually
causing them confusion, distress and most of all, questions of why the work
needed to be done. It always meant disruption as the work meant their roads,
sidewalks and yards were being tore apart. One of my jobs was meeting with
homeowners and explaining what was being done, the schedule and how I’d do my
best to keep disruption as little as possible. I also kept myself available to
them on a daily basis. My work on the board will follow along these same lines.
As a board member I would hope that I could help homeowners by answering
questions about regulations, new projects the board is undertaking and new
projects the homeowners would like to see happen. I would help the board
prioritize the list of projects they have put together and those the majority
of homeowners would like to see done.

Sara Lanis

my name is Sara. I love the Klahanie community and want to help insure that it
continues to thrive. My background in Human Resources and Business will be used
in my role as board member. In my spare time I enjoy interior design (Home
Goods is my 2nd home) and baking (Biscotti is my specialty). I look
forward to getting to know the neighbors who live beyond my street!


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